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Make a lasting impact

Caleb left an amazing legacy - one our students will continue, but they can't achieve greatness on their own. Your gift to the Caleb Lumen Pungowiyi Scholars Program makes a lasting impact on future generations by making college affordable.


Who are we?

mission-iconOur mission is to increase the number of Alaska Natives in marine-conservation professions.

apply-iconAre you a registered tribal members from the Norton Sound, Northwest Arctic, and Arctic Slope and working on a marine conservation-related degree? Apply before one of our two deadlines.

blog-iconThere is so much more to marine conservation than biology and science. Read our blog and learn more about our love of our oceans. 

scholars-iconOur Scholars share our passion, commitment and belief that all things are interconnected. 

Apply for our Spring 2015 Scholarship!
15 Nov


Our Spring 2015 Application Period has been extended.

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